Interview with Matt @SportCardCollec

by Shane Salmonson

Interview with Matt (SportCardCollec)
By: Shane Salmonson

One of my best Twitter friends, and biggest blog supporters is Matt (known as @SportCardCollec on Twitter). We have messaged almost every day for years now, nearly all about the hobby! Matt is a fellow New Englander, though he cheers for the wrong teams, the Yankees and Giants. He has been a card collector for over 20 years, and is behind multiple popular card blogs! In an emergency (waiting for multiple interview responses to come in), Matt stepped up for me and answered some questions!

BU: How were you first introduced to the hobby?

SCC: My father and I had gone grocery shopping and out of nowhere decided to pick up a couple packs of cards. We opened them out in our car and right then I was brought into the hobby. I have never really left in all my time as well which I know not many can say.

BU: You are correct there, even I was out of the hobby for a few years during high school, but of course am back in full force! What are you currently collecting? Any special projects?

SCC: Currently collecting. ….that’s a tough one. So much. But I have been trying to do my best to narrow down a few things. I am currently super collecting Rodney Hampton, collecting Ken Griffey, Jr. like so many others, NY Giants cards, Aaron Judge, late 90s inserts and sets, and I have really been getting into non sport card collecting.  Mainly autographs and wardrobe relics.


2-5/8 x 3-3/4″ 2 mil POLYETHYLENE NO flap.

As for special projects, I am collecting late 90s SPx sets and EX 2000 and 2001 sets from all sports. It’s not an easy or cheap project that’s for sure. It will take a lot of effort to accomplish but it’s all in good fun of the hobby.

BU: Any favorite pieces from your collection you’d like to share?

SCC: Yes. These are some of my favorites from my Ken Griffey, Jr., Rodney Hampton and non sport PCs. (I spread out his pictures throughout this interview)

BU: How did you decide to get into blogging?

SCC: I was a late bloomer to the Internet age of collecting.  I didn’t start until 2011 and got into Facebook first checking out all of the hobby pages. When I discovered how much fun that was I expanded my social media to my own Facebook page called The Cardboard Fans. That ran for a few years with very little cardboard fans and didn’t provide the interaction I wanted. That’s when I decided I wanted to move on from that and check out something else. I found a few blogs on Google that I found intriguing so I got some tips on how to start my own and that’s how was born.

BU: About how much traffic would you say you get on your blogs?

SCC: When I first started my posts averaged 30 views each. They have now gotten up to a 160 view each average. The blog overall has grown from 500 views a month during my first year to 25,000+ views a month now. I will be heading into year 6 in March trying to break that million view mark.

BU: Would you agree with me saying that Twitter has made collecting a lot more fun?

SCC: Yes. Totally agree. I have met so many collectors to trade and interact with on there. The Twitter community is also a generous one as I see many collectors helping others every day for set needs and white whale cards. I have helped others and others have helped me as well. It’s a lot of fun.

BU: I know you and I have completed quite a few big trades now! How many trades do you think you have completed with collectors from Twitter?

SCC: Oh boy. I would say at least 50. I have put myself out there more as there are more and more trustworthy trading partners that pop up on a daily basis.

BU: What is your favorite thing about the current hobby?

SCC: I really like the fact that companies are going back and bringing back some of my favorite brands of the 90s!

BU: There are definitely some brands out there that are bringing me back to the 90’s, and my start in collecting! Any current hobby negatives?

SCC: Exclusive licenses no doubt. (BU: for those that don’t know, Topps currently has the exclusive MLB license, Panini owns the NBA & NFL licenses, and Upper Deck owns the NHL license to produce cards) They are hurting the hobby as collectors are forced to buy one sport from one company. Back when the hobby was booming in the 90s we had plenty of variety from a variety of companies. Competition for the companies forces them to put out their best products and not just put out “whatever products” knowing we will buy it since it’s our only option.

BU: We are getting awfully close to 2018, have you set any collecting goals for the New Year? (Something I should really do)

SCC: I have set a big one, I have a big re-sorting project I want to accomplish.  One thing in this hobby you can always guarantee is a sorting project.

BU: You are correct once again, sir! I know my sorting really never ends. Once I catch up on one sorting project, I am already behind on another! Thank you again to Matt for stepping up here and getting me some instant responses!

-Shane Salmonson

You can find more from Matt on his twitter account and on his blog.
Twitter: @SportCardCollec

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