VHS Care and Repair

Collectors know – it’s not just the product that makes something valuable – it’s also the packaging. The corners and edges of VHS tape boxes are easily scuffed, dented and look pretty bad after being handled and viewed regularly over the years. It’s possible to clean the jackets up some – repair minor tears, remove old pen or pencil marks, remove stickers, get rid of embedded dirt. You can do this with our Book Care & Repair Supplies.

Paper Care & Repair

We have a large number of products for general book repair. From bookbinder repair tape, book weights to fantastic ink erasers that don’t leave holes, book deodorizer, deacidification spray and much more – we think we’ve got it covered

If your tapes have been stored in a damp place, and smell musty – we have a product that absorbs musty orders caused by mold and mildew.

Book Deodorizer Granules

Book Deodorizer Granules. One Lb. Container. Use these book deodorizer granules to solve odorous book problems and to absorb moisture. Removes cigarette smoke, mildew odors, and general mustiness.

NOTE: These products are for cleaning the covers only, not the tapes!

After your tape boxes are cleaned up, store them in our Archival Box Protectors made from acid-free PET. This material is 12 mil thick (semi-rigid),  crystal clear and sized perfectly to fit the tape case so it can’t move around in the protector. Even the box top and bottom closures are uniquely designed so that the tape can’t fall out. Our Video Box Protectors are a must have for VHS tape collectors. We have three different sizes to accommodate various VHS packaging styles.

VHS Slip Case Protector
Disney Clamshell Protector
VHS Book Box Protector

Horror films of the 70’s and 80’s