Glossary Term: Film Noir

film noir

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Film Noir : A French term meaning “black film,” or film of the night, inspired by the cheap line of paperbacks about tough American crime, Series Noir.

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Film noir in movies refers to a style of film-making which shows the world as a dangerous or depressing place where many people suffer, especially because of the greed or cruelty of others. Characterized by black and white moody settings, often either gorgeous buildings or gritty police stations all with lots of shadow and contrast that spills into the mood of the film. 

Horror films of the 70’s and 80’s

Film noir includes very distinguishable characters, the Femme Fatale, who will love you or easily kill you, the detective male who is falling for the femme and all of the dramatic characters you meet along the way. Film noir has captured America with all of it’s angst and artistic measures, from it’s first origins in The Maltese Falcon to modern films like Drive and The Dark Knight, film noir has influenced films for decades.

film noir

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