Glossary Term: Director’s Cut

The Director’s Cut refers to an edited version of the film that represents the directors own edit.

Director’s cuts are not generally released to the public because more often than not the director does not have final cut privilege. The box office sales, production company and distributors often have more of a say, which can cause often happier endings or excluding scenes that might restrict higher ratings.

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With DVD’s and Blu-rays the option of watching the director’s cut becomes a selling point. This allows for extra scenes, characters and a longer edit to enjoy.

Some movies are enhanced by their director’s cut, Screen Rant has a list of those for you to discover.

12 Movies Drastically Improved By A Director’s Cut

It seems that almost every movie that’s packaged as a Blu-ray or DVD is treated to an “Extended Cut” or “Unrated” version. What that usually means is that the movie is jammed with unneeded scenes that do more harm than good. Often, there’s a good reason for footage to wind up on the cutting room floor, but not always.