Why Some Folks Still Watch Movies on Tape

By Marion Oyer

My children grew up in the ‘80’s, and almost nothing can compare to our weekly Friday evening trip to the video store. Sometimes we would walk there with visions of all the possibilities of our Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon of watching and rewatching the same three movies over and over again. Usually, we worked some outdoor activities in there as well. Somehow the four of them were able to agree on the movies to pick out and home we went with snacks, soda, and our weekend entertainment.

Those days are long over, and I know for a fact that none of them watch anything on VHS – streaming is the new video. But being in the “collection protection” business, I am aware that there is a huge fan base out there for still watching movies on VHS? The inevitable question from naysayers is “WHY?”. Here is a list of what sounds like reasonable reasons:

1. Nostalgia – many people find it comforting to recapture happy times in their lives. Take it how you can get!2. Many horror movies are still only available on VHS.

3. Price – you can often find VHS tapes at the thrift store (or other places for free) for $1.00 each or less!





You are the owner of it! You a have the physical item. The streaming platform can’t discontinue it nor can it be edited or be modified by some outside source. Plus you have the jacket/ cover to peruse at your leisure.