Propaganda Posters have always been a part of modern history, all over the world. From China to the former USSR, Propaganda has always been a way for governing bodies to bolster support for nationalism and patriotism. Usually to help steer the country in a particular direction, sometimes for the good of humanity, sometimes not so good, like 1930s Germany for example. In this case the United States involvement in ‘The World War’, which was supposed to be the ‘war to end all wars’ desperately needed support.

The Bruce Museum, located in Greenwich, Connecticut has an exhibit that runs from January 20 to June 3, 2018 showcasing these incredible pieces of history.

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These WWI Propaganda Posters Are Gorgeous… And Seriously Messed Up

America’s involvement in the First World War was brief, but intense. For a period of 20 months, the US government did its best to stir patriotic fervour, in part through the use of eye-catching propaganda posters. A new exhibit at Bruce Museum is showcasing a selection of these works, many of which are seriously lacking in nuance.

Patriotic Persuasion: American Posters of the First World War | Bruce Museum

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