Better Records for a Bigger Price

They sound great, but they'll cost you.

We’re not sure if you know about a site called Better Records, but it was created by a man named Tom Port and it offers the best quality record pressings he can find. The premise of the site is that in order to save you time, they find the best quality records for you, clean them, and give them a rating after listening to them. Otherwise you’d have to scour garage sales and used record stores for the best used discs, but even then, how sure are you that it’s going to sound good aside from just looking at it?

You can read more about them in this in depth article found on The Robb Report.

Below are a few examples of what they offer.

In case you don’t have an $8000 record cleaner like the folks at Better Records, or the money for these amazing finds, you can always clean your records yourself. Personally for us, that makes way more sense.

Groovy Record Cleaning Kit – for Vinyl Records

Comes with micro bristled cleaning brush; cotton cleaning cloth, one 2 oz bottle of GROOVY Cleaning Fluid. “GROOVY” Cleaner is Bags Unlimited’s own Record Cleaning Fluid, specially formulated for its deep-cleaning, antistatic, residue-free properties. Kit cleans 25-30 vinyl records. Kit comes with cotton storage bag. For replacement fluid, order AGC4, AGC8 or AGC32.

Bags Unlimited – Record Cleaning Brush <br>Carbon Fiber Brushes and Velvet Pad

Record Cleaning Brush <br>Carbon Fiber Brushes and Velvet Pad