Best way to clean your vinyl records

Do clean record sound better? Uhm, YEAH!

Do clean records sound better longer? Heck yes, they do! Check out our Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloths and Sponges to help keep your vinyl pristine and sounding like new. Or at least as best as that second-hand vinyl can. Yes, you can even use these to remove your roommates fingerprints off that new 180-gram vinyl reissue you just bought for $35.

Our Vinyl Record Cleaning Sponge is THE Vinyl Super Sponge that is absorbent and dripless. 100% Safe for cleaning vinyl and reusable. Comes with 2 Sponges per pack. Click for info

Our Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloth. This Soft cloth lubricates and protects the record as it cleans it. Contains antistatic solution. Click for info

Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloths – DRY. 3 Pack. Lint-free, non-abrasive.
Machine washable cloths used for dusting & wet/dry cleaning of CDs or vinyl records.
Use with our Groovy cleaning solution.


Full line of cleaners and anti-stat supplies here:…/vinyl-record-cleaning-suppl…