60’s British Teen Magazines

Types and Topics of Collecting Ephemera

Sometimes ephemera is collected by type of collectible – e.g. matchbooks, bill heads, soup can labels. Other times it is collected by topic such as this collection of British Invasion band articles and ads from ‘Teen Magazines’. These posters, beauty tips to look like a mod, and articles on the British bands are especially interesting if you were a teenage girl in the 60’s. Even if you weren’t, it’s great fun to see the band photos.

A Look Inside British Invasion Obsessed Teen Magazines (1965-1966) |

We’re about to take a walk through several issues of 16 Magazine from 1965-66 where nearly every picture and word is devoted to any-and-all-things-British. Whether it’s fashion advice or celebrity gossip, it’s nonstop UK on every last page.