For all of you Film Photogs out there, Bags Unlimited has you covered when it comes to everything you need to Protect, Organize, Store and Clean all of those irreplaceable NEGATIVES!


Click the images below for details on just a few of our products for your precious NEGATIVES. Full line here.…/1327/negative-slide-supplies

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Kinetronics© KineStat Electric (KSE) Film Cleaning Machine Use for cleaning 35mm, 120 and 70mm film. — Products shown: AKSE070 – KINETRONICS© KINESTAT ELECTRIC FILM CLEANING MACHINE

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Polypropylene sleeves have been P.A.T. tested and qualify as safe for long term storage of slides. Open on 2 opposite sides for easy slide-on. — Products shown: SPP22R – 2.5 MIL POLYPROPYLENE SLIDE HOLDER/SLEEVE

PEC-12® Photo Emulsion & Slide Cleaner (2 oz.) removes handling oils, adhesives, pen and marker inks from slides, negatives and prints. — Products shown: PEC-12® Photo Emulsion & Slide Cleaner

Archival Polyester (Mylar) for 35-mm negative strips. 1-9/16 x 9-1/4″. Use for 6-frame strips. — Products shown: S35MMR -ARCHIVAL POLYESTER (Mylar) SLEEVE FOR 35MM NEGATIVE STRIPS


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