The early days of Photography From its beginning in the 1840’s, the commercial business of photography had limited applications and a very steep and sometimes dangerous learning curve. In 1839 Louis Daguerre introduced the first commercially viable photographic process called the Daguerreotype. The 1839 date is considered to be the start of photography. The word Photography is attributed to Sir John Herschel. He was... We have 3-ring binder pages that hold 20 slides. An independent lab tested the material that these pages are manufactured with and found it to be safe for the indefinite storage of your slides.

Country Schools

When One Room is no Longer Enough The first public school in America is considered to be the Boston Latin School in 1635. Boston was well established and urban, so resources were available to provide a high-quality education. This was far less common in the rural farm lands of most of the country. The one room country school house of... If you collect View-Master reels we have supplies! Click on the link to view products.