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Before Spotify, iPod playlists, and MP3 CDs there was ‘the Mix Tape’. A personal collection of songs we’d put on a single cassette for that party, that long drive, or even that special someone.  Some of us are old enough to remember making a mixtape with our dual cassette boombox and the excitement we felt when we managed to fit the last song at the end before the tape ran out. Some would say those days are gone.

But wait! Actually those classic tapes from the 80’s and 90’s are making a comeback just like Vinyl Records. Nothing says totally tubular like a plastic compact cassette tape in your jean jacket pocket with your favorite songs on it. Especially when you give it to that righteous girl at the coffee shop you like who probably doesn’t even have a tape player to play it on. I guess it’s a good thing you have a bodacious boombox at home.

Cassette tapes make a comeback – test your knowledge in our quiz

As sales of old-fashioned cassette tapes grow, find out how much you remember about this 80s and 90s classic in our quiz.

If you know what a Mix Tape is and want to flex that rad cerebral cortex on your shoulders visit our friends over the pond at Sky News and take their quiz to see just how much you do know. And if you say to yourself, “Ok dweeb, take a chill pill. What the heck is a mixtape and why on earth would I want such an grody piece of technology? I mean like, get real“. Well, then you should get with the program and go learn something new. Don’t be the dweeb at a party who says “what’s a mix tape?“. Mix Tapes are wicked and so are you. So don’t be a poser and like go make one already.

If you already have a clutch selection of ill’in tapes then you should get real and check out this tight collection of archival tape products from the righteous folks at BagsUnlimited. They’ve been making choice stuff since before the 80’s were the 80’s.

Audio Cassette Storage Boxes

Audio Cassette Storage Boxes


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